Sunday, March 31, 2013

Giveaway $20 Gift Card

I was approached by Cafe Press to offer a giveaway to my blog readers.  I enter a lot of giveaways daily but somehow I had not come across this site before.  In case you haven't heard about them they offer quite the array of unique products and many of them you can personalize.  They add an average of 135,000 new designs each week.  If you have a hobby, favorite activity, cause or interest, you can find merchandise geared towards these interests. has products from apparel and drinkware to posters, electronic accessories and more. You can make your own designs with their easy online design tools, then buy them, share them or sell them in your own online shop. today ships over 6 million products annually, and has over 11 million unique visitors to our website each month.

My 3 year old really loves basketball so I did a search on for basketball.  I could not believe how many products came up it was pretty amazing.  I narrowed the options to kids t-shirts and found this totally cute shirt.

After searching t-shirts I thought I would see what they have for water bottles with a basketball on them.  This one was my favorite because you can put your child's name on the bottle.

They even have different coffee mug designs, fun t shirts, your can even create a shirt too.

If you would like to win a $20 gift card please enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Upon Posting this giveaway I will receive a gift card.  I have not received any other compensation.  I like to recommend products that I like and think are useful.


  1. I watched the video. I felt that Tim had a great understanding of what he wanted his pictures to represent. Very creative!

  2. I watched the video. I remember back when there were no car seats and my dad smoked around me etc. It really didn't kill us and we are still around. I've never tried Seventh Generation products.

  3. I watched the video and I would hate to have been Josh' friends or sister. Yuck!! I personally do not like pranks. They are so rude!!

  4. I watched the video on creativity and was impressed by Tim's carving talent. And I think it's interesting that he learned by himself to compose tunes (in his way of putting notes and beats together); he gave me hope when he said: "old dogs, new tricks" when he was talking about actually having to learn music for his fellowship with the Brooklyn Philharmonic. It was interesting how he compared composing in terms of his block work versus the musicality of creating tunes.

  5. I watched the Seventh Generation laundry detergent video and was immediately relieved after viewing each old time segment (an occurrence we are all aware of now being harmful) that situations like that didn't occur anymore, i.e. sitting out in the sun for hours, not buckling baby in a car seat while in the car or even smoking around others. We know better, but it's true that when ads for detergent boast "whiter than white," I really don't know what they mean. The video let me in on what the ads mean by saying it referred to the chemical brighteners that are used on the clothes. But there's no need for chemical brighteners when they are toxic (especially for baby cloths washing). I would rather buy Seventh Generation detergent if it means I don't get the harmful addition of chemical brighteners in the detergent.

  6. I watched the caramel apple prank video and found it humorous. I felt bad for Josh's sister and friends. I would have liked to see more people get pranked just to see a reaction but I do understand the limitations of this project. Overall it was a funny prank because most people would never suspect to bite into a supposed apple and get an onion instead, especially when it looks delicious covered in caramel sauce and sprinkles.

  7. I watched the GE energy video and thought the new regenerative braking method is a brilliant new way to be more energy efficient. It's neat that the energy used by a vehicle when braking can be conserved so that it isn't wasted and rather be converted to electricity which then can be used to power the vehicle.