Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wisdom from Mom

 This is my mom with my son.

As moms we have such an opportunity to pass on tremendous amount wisdom to our children.  Just sit back and think for a minute about your own mother, grandmother, or even great grandma and how much they taught you over your life.  I know my own mom instilled many values that I still hold today.  My mom has been a great example of how to treat others; she has always been the kind of person to help a person out in any way she can.  I still see her doing this today in so many ways.  

When I was growing up (I’m part of the 40 something crowd, I guess that’s grown up), I don’t think there was as much focus on being health conscious like there is today.  I did learn the idea of moderation from my mom and it is still something I try to stick to.  I hope this is something that I am able to pass down to my children.   

What wisdom have you received from your mom, grandmother, or other special lady in your life?  I would love to hear from you. We can all learn so much from one another. 

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Giveaways I'm Entering 6-30-13

Here is just a sampling of a few giveaways I'm entering today

Momma In Flip Flops - This is one of my favorite blogs to visit.
Learning Resources Pop Sight Words
Crocs Kids Sunglasses
Shirley J : Desert in a Cup Mugging Mixes
NO-AD Sunscreen & Beach Bag Giveaway  
Personalized Children’s Gifts from NameArt

Ahhmazing Reviews - love the variety of products reviewed here
Areomax Toys
Jack The Giant Slayer DVD
Putumayo Kids American Playground CD
Roger Day Marsh Mud Madness
Key Wilde & Mr. Clark Please To Meet You Family Music CD

Mommyhood Chronicles - great variety of products reviewed here
Kohls Cares Prize Pack
Understanding the Reality of Child Hunger and $40 Visa Gift Card Giveaway
Sprout Toddler Snacks
Super Duper Publications 
Unreal Candy 
Zazzle Personalized Gifts

The Art of Random Willynillyness another one of my favorite fun blogs has some great giveaways going on right now.
P&G and Home Depot Summer Tips with Sarah Saucedo + Giveaway!! 
Nectresse Prize Pack
Tortuga Rum Company Cake - this sounds so delicious I'm keeping my fingers crossed
Merci Chocolates Prize Pack - another delicious prize
Pantene Products - Pantene is my favorite hair care line
$50 Visa Gift Card from Exit the Highway Summer

She Scribes - love this blog and the variety of posts
Play and Learn with Wallace kids app
Oreo Cookies Prize Pack
The Way Back Movie Prize Pack 
National Migraine Awareness Month Giveaway
Cracker Jack Prize Pack 
Breakfast At Home Makes "Cents" Prize pack
Sonic Gift Card
Band Aid Prize Pack 

Mom & More - If you have not visited this blog yet you should check them out
ABC Mouse Subscription 
A Good Day to Die Hard on DVD 
Wendy's Gift Card 
Jack the Giant Slayer on DVD Combo Pack
Aeromax Toy
Subway Gift Card
Hide-n-Go Fish Learning Resources Game 
Way Back Movie Prize Pack

Mom's Balancing Act
Cracker Jack Prize Pack can you tell I love Cracker Jacks LOL
Gymboree Gift Card  love this store they have the cutest kids clothes and their quality is wonderful.

What are you trying to win?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giveaway AeroMax Pool Toy

School's out for the summer
I wish I was off for the summer too but this mommy has to work!  Oh well there is always the weekend to hit up the community pool and enjoy some splashing around with my 3 year old. It sure would be fun to have a cool Aeromax pool toy like the Jr. Space Explorer.  Check out this great giveaway and enter for your chance to win a cool pool toy for your kid.

Kathryne who blogs over at BabyDashCo says "I have been wanting to chant that song for the last month. My kids and I are ready to play in the pool all summer and we've been pulling out the pool toys. The kids are even more excited because we have a new addition to our toy collection, the Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer. It was pulled out of the box and blown up with in 5 minutes by my kids. Oh yes, they were overly excited."
Junior explorers can hop on this inflatable space shuttle and blast off for either indoor or outdoor adventures. Ideal as a floating ride-on in the pool or lake, this handsome shuttle comes complete with genuine looking instrument panels and gauges. Kids will enjoy incorporating into play, the clear window view of Earth and the international space station as seen from outer space. After touring the stars and the moon, move the furniture and make way for a shuttle landing that boasts a 38” wingspan and spreads 42” in length.
This float is a great way to let your kids have fun at the pool using their imagination. We see a child just floating around but in a child's imagination they are veering off into space.
The Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer provided my kids with hours of fun! We strictly used it for the pool because if we used in the house as a toy it would be popped with in minutes. After the kids beating it up for two weeks I have to say it's still holding up! Most of the time they pop after a couple days of use. I also like that this comes with a patch just in case you get a tiny hole.
This is one of their favorite pool toys to take to the pool now. Now I just have to get them to stop fighting over it.Ha! Below is a short video of the Jr. Space Explorer somewhat in action.

Want to win an item from Aeromax Toys?
Winner will have their choice of the following:
Jr. Space Explorer
Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster
Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose With Backpack
Sky Scraper
Open to U.S only 6/20-7/4
Giveaway brought to you by BabyDashCo

Monday, June 17, 2013

Giveaway - Baby Carrier

 Here is another great review and giveaway from Kathryn Flamme who blogs at BabyDashCo.   I must be out of the baby wearing carrying loop becuase I didn't know you could carry toddlers with them.  She has reviewed this great toddler/baby carrier. Check out her review and enter to win below.  

Like I've mentioned before, I love carriers because they eliminate the need for a stroller on short trips. The Action carrier allows me to travel with my 4-year-old without the need for a stroller. My 4-year-old is very independent and loves to walk but when we go to Disneyland or fairs he gets tired of walking by the end of the day. It's nice to have the Action carrier on hand so he can hitch a ride or take a short nap.
Action makes a variety of carriers made for babies or toddlers. I have the toddler carrier which is 3 inches taller in the body than their regular carrier, as well as offering an inch longer hood and 2 inches smaller in the shoulder webbing (because they are used mostly for back carries and gives you a tighter fit). The base of the “seat” is 19 inches across. All of the webbing on the toddler carrier is the same as their standard carrier.
The Action carrier has held up very nicely. I feel like my child is safe and secure. I especially love that it can hold a child from 15-45lbs! That's a lot of weight and a great work out for mom or dad! The Action carrier has a clip that sits just above you hip to alleviate the tension on your shoulders.
And a chest clip that helps secure the carrier and not having the shoulder straps slide off your shoulders.
The flip hood that is attached is nice but my son is so tall that it didn't fit over his head. Another thing I wish it had is a storage pocket of some sort. I love to travel light and don't always like to carry my purse. But the over all look, feel and function of the carrier meet my expectations.
Want to win a carrier of choice!
Review brought to you by BabyDashCo
Enter Below

Saving Money Can Be Fun has not received any compensation for posting this giveaway.  Saving Money Can Be Fun is not responsible for shipping this prize for any questions please contact Kathryn Flamme at my3adorablekids at yahoo dot com   

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Giveaways I'm Entering 6-13-13

Have you visited Ahh-Mazing Reviews yet?  If not check out all the great giveaways I'm entering over at their site.

Himalayan Salt Lamp gift certificate

 InnoTab 2S

 Newman's Own Organic Pet Food

 Kids Gear Color Headphones

 SleepBuddy Complete Sleep System

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD

Ateevia Botanica Pain Relief Cream

 Zim's Max-Freeze and Crack Cream

Neater Feeder

 $15 in apps from Super Duper Publications

Check out these great giveaways going on over at She Scribes

Firecracker 500 3 Winners

Baskin Robbins Gift Card

 Red Lobster Gift Card

Hand Painted Handbag

Kung Fu Panda DVD

V-Tech Giveaway

Here are three great giveaways at The Random Art of Willy Nillyness

Dollar General Prize pack

US Potato Board Giveaway 

P&G / Home Depot Giveaway

Happy entering!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Giveaway - Ring Bling Learning Game

 Here is another great review and giveaway from Kathryn Flamme who blogs at BabyDashCo.  My son is a bit too young for this one but maybe you have a kid in your like that this would be perfect for. Check out the review of this fun game below and then continue to the entry form for your chance to win one for your child.
Playing a game has never been so fashionable!
Reward your children for following directions with Ring Bling. Students choose a card and act out the hilarious direction(s). Then they spin the spinner to earn one or two rings for their Happy Hand or give a ring to a friend. The student who earns the most rings wins the game. Ring Bling is ideal for teaching your children to listen and think creatively while pretending.
Your game has 50 Following Directions Cards in three categories:
Basic Directions – Beat your chest like an angry gorilla.
Conditional – If you like brownies, bark like a dog.
Temporal – After you wave your magic wand, turn yourself into a monkey.
Ring Bling is the perfect motivator for articulation, language, reading, or math activities in the classroom, during therapy sessions, or at home. My kids love playing this game, especially my daughter. She heard the word bling and she was all over it! No Joke. Ring Bling is very fun for the kids and very entertaining for adults. This is a game that get your child's creative thoughts going. This summer I won't have to worry about my kids loosing information with all the learning games Super Duper Publication offers and they will start the new school year off ready to learn!
I have put together a video showing you how the game works. Enjoy!
You can purchase this game for $29.95 Here or you can try to win this game by entering below!
Starts 6/10-6/24 U.S & Canada
Review brought to you by babydashco

Saving Money Can Be Fun has not received any compensation for posting this giveaway.  Saving Money Can Be Fun is not responsible for shipping this prize for any questions please contact Kathryn Flamme at my3adorablekids at yahoo dot com