Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giveaway AeroMax Pool Toy

School's out for the summer
I wish I was off for the summer too but this mommy has to work!  Oh well there is always the weekend to hit up the community pool and enjoy some splashing around with my 3 year old. It sure would be fun to have a cool Aeromax pool toy like the Jr. Space Explorer.  Check out this great giveaway and enter for your chance to win a cool pool toy for your kid.

Kathryne who blogs over at BabyDashCo says "I have been wanting to chant that song for the last month. My kids and I are ready to play in the pool all summer and we've been pulling out the pool toys. The kids are even more excited because we have a new addition to our toy collection, the Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer. It was pulled out of the box and blown up with in 5 minutes by my kids. Oh yes, they were overly excited."
Junior explorers can hop on this inflatable space shuttle and blast off for either indoor or outdoor adventures. Ideal as a floating ride-on in the pool or lake, this handsome shuttle comes complete with genuine looking instrument panels and gauges. Kids will enjoy incorporating into play, the clear window view of Earth and the international space station as seen from outer space. After touring the stars and the moon, move the furniture and make way for a shuttle landing that boasts a 38” wingspan and spreads 42” in length.
This float is a great way to let your kids have fun at the pool using their imagination. We see a child just floating around but in a child's imagination they are veering off into space.
The Aeromax Jr. Space Explorer provided my kids with hours of fun! We strictly used it for the pool because if we used in the house as a toy it would be popped with in minutes. After the kids beating it up for two weeks I have to say it's still holding up! Most of the time they pop after a couple days of use. I also like that this comes with a patch just in case you get a tiny hole.
This is one of their favorite pool toys to take to the pool now. Now I just have to get them to stop fighting over it.Ha! Below is a short video of the Jr. Space Explorer somewhat in action.

Want to win an item from Aeromax Toys?
Winner will have their choice of the following:
Jr. Space Explorer
Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster
Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose With Backpack
Sky Scraper
Open to U.S only 6/20-7/4
Giveaway brought to you by BabyDashCo

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