Coupon Sources

There are many places to get coupons.  The most common place to get coupons is your local Sunday newspaper.  However, there are many online sources for coupons if you do not get your local paper.  I highly recommend getting your local paper if you are going to get serious about coupons and couponing. It is easy to save more money with coupons than what the newspaper costs.

I have provided links below to sites where you can get printable coupons online.  There are also links to electronic coupons you can load onto your shopper's loyalty card.

Links to sites where you can print coupons

Saving Money Can be Fun Coupon Page

Links to sites where you can sign up for electronic coupons (coupons loaded to your shopper loyalty card)

When you sign up for any of the sites above or print a coupon using the links above I will earn a small commission. See my disclosure page for details.

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