Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Family

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

My friend sent me to this site,, to get some information about satellite Internet providers. I checked the link out while I was at work one day to read up on what they had to offer. After looking at it, I thought it was actually a pretty sweet deal. I know my kids will be pretty excited if I actually go through with it and get Internet set up at our house. No, we still do not have Internet at our house. It sounds crazy, I know, but it just seemed like an extra, unnecessary expense for the time being. I mean, I have Internet at work and the kids can use the Internet at school in the library. There has only been a few times where that ended up being a little inconvenient. The kids have had few projects that required them to use the Internet at home. We had to go to the public library for those. They got pretty irritated about that. I guess if we get Internet, I won’t have to listen to them nagging me anymore. They’d be pretty happy to actually be a modern family.

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