Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure Coming August 29, 2012

Okay I have a trivia question for everyone, do you know how many G rated movies have been released in the United states so far this year?  Drum roll please, two movies and two movies only.  Disney's Chimpanzee was released April 20, 2012 and The Secret World of Arrietty was released in the US on February 17, 2012.  If you think about these two movies they are not necessarily geared towards kids in the two to seven year old age range.  

I was so lucky to attend a movie screening of Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure in Hollywood, CA on July 17, 2012.  This wonderful movie is geared towards two to seven year old children and is G rated.  The movie will be released Oougst 29, 2012 (August).  I wanted to share a bit about my experience and hopefully get you interested in bringing your little ones to see this movie.  The thing is if this movie is successful then it opens the door for additional rated G movies to be produced.  I have a two year old and would love to see more movies that are specifically geared towards his age group.  It seems like G rated movies are too few and far between.

Kenn Viselman wanted to create a movie that was specifically geared to young children and provide caregivers and children a totally different movie going experience.  You may be wondering what this means.  Well to start there is a Parent Guide to the movie which can help you understand what the movie is all about.  The movie is designed to be interactive meaning the kids are encouraged to get up, dance and interact during the movie.  This is not your typically movie experience where you take your little ones and worry if they are going to make any noise or talk during the movie.  The movie provides certain visual cues like butterflies or turtles going across the bottom of screen to indicate it is time to get up and dance or sit back down.

During the screening yesterday there were so many kids that got up and danced and were having such a great time.  I can't wait for the movie to come out so I can take my little guy to see it again.

If you have young children in the two to seven year old range you will want to take them to see Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure.  Take a minute and explore the Oogieloves website, you can watch some short video clips and check out the Parent Guide

If you happen to check out the movie and would like to spread the word you can Like Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure on Facebook or follow on Twitter.  If you would like to send a Tweet out you can use the hashtags #Oogieloves and #RatedGGG.

**Disclaimer – I was provided free tickets to the event and I was compensated for my time and attendance. Although I was paid for participation, it has in no way influenced my opinions that were shared about this movie.**

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