Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Shield of CA - Dynamic Duo Dr. Jim and Bob

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We all have different priorities in our lives, for some of us it is our children and for others it is our career.  Our priorities often shift throughout the years but one thing that is always on my mind is my health especially as I get older.  Even though I maintain a healthy lifestyle, I have had my share of health concerns throughout my life.  So where do you go for answers to your healthcare concerns?  Going straight to your doctor may not get you a quick answer if your doctor is busy like mine is. 

There are many Internet sites that provide helath related infomation.  Blue Shield of California would like to introduce you to Dr. Jim and his sidekick Bob.  They offer an infomative and entertaining way of providing answers to your healthcare questions.  Laughther is a great remedy so why not provide answers in a humurous way.  They have a variety of videos that tackle some subjects no one likes to talk about.  Diarrhea Diaries anyone?

Dr. Jim and Bob scour the Internet searching for people with health related questions.  When they spot a problem, they post a reply and a link back to their video advice on Facebook.  What a neat idea wouldn't it be fun to see Dr. Jim and Bob post a reply to one of your questions?  I checked out theDr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice  page on Facebook and found a video on lactose intollerance (which is something I suffer from) it was hilarious.

Check out the video for a laugh.

I think this is such a great idea that Blue Shield of California has put together.  Did you know that Blue Shield of California is a not for profit company?  I did not know this myself.   There are several great features that Blue Shield offers like easy access to alternative care like chiropractors and acupunture in additon to offering easy access to great doctors.  Blue Shield and California offers quite a range of affordable health plans.

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