Monday, March 4, 2013

My Relationship With Recycling

Today I am sharing something that I feel is so important for all of us to participate in and that would be recycling.  You see recycling and I go way back, I can remember collecting stacks and stack of newspapers with my dad and taking them to the recycling center.  I don't remember if we got much money for doing it but it was something I did with my dad and it was kind of fun.  Fast forward about 40 years later and I am still into recycling.   I am lucky to live in a community where we have three separate trash cans, one of traditional waste, one for yard or plant clippings and one for recycling.  This certainly makes the process much easier.   I am not sure how widespread this type of system is but I would love to hear what you think. I do keep my bottles and cans separate and take them to a local recycling center and make a little cash. 

Here are some startling facts about recycling:
1. U.S. plastic beverage bottle recycling rates are only at about 30%
2. 2.8 Billion plastic bottles ended up in California landfills in 2011
3. Even though a package says it is “100% recycleABLE”, that does not mean it is made with recyclED plastic.  It just means it CAN BE recycled.  In fact, most containers are not made of recycled plastic.

Check out the great Infographic, it paints a clear picture of just how bad the recycling problem is in the US.

Here are some facts about Arrowhead's ReBorn Bottles
1. Arrowhead’s new ReBorn™ bottle is made with 50% recycled plastic and demonstrates how the plastic you recycle can be given a new life.
2. Due to the limited supply of high quality recycled plastic, we need your help in recycling so companies like Arrowhead® 100% Mountain Spring Water can use more recycled plastic in our products!

Please check out how Arrowhead is making a difference for the environment by visiting Arrowhead on Facebook.

It is wonderful to know that companies are doing their part for the environment!  I drive my husband crazy when I tell him not to put certain things in the trash because they are recyclable.  How do you feel about recycling?  Do you have any recycling centers close to you where you take recycling products.

This article is sponsored by Arrowhead Waters


  1. Thanks for a small reminder of how this one simple can have such a big impact on our society

  2. My hubby and I always separate the biodegradable from recycle stuff. We have two trash cans in the kitchen area so it would be easier for us to put certain things into place.

  3. Great facts about recycling! It's nice to know that Arrowhead reuses their plastic... Thanks for posting this.

  4. Some terrific facts about recycling. Thanks.

  5. Great post! I really do need to get better about recycling.

  6. Thanks for the recycling info! It's always good to have some reminders about how you can help in small ways. They all add up!

  7. Thank you for the tips. Yup, we need reminders.
    Hoppin over from MPM....just returned the favor

  8. You know what would be awesome. A service to pick up our recycling yet pay use part of the return. It is so hard to wait in that line near the grocery when I am so darn busy.

  9. Recycling is so important we get one can very other week it is so frustrating as I fill it in one week and then have no recycling for the next week. I am looking into seeing if I can get a second can!