Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twitter Follow to Win Cash For Yourself and the Animal Charity of Your Choice

Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink got together with some truly amazing bloggers and small business owners to bring you a Social Media Event unlike any other we have done before. Not only will the winner of the event receive cash via Paypal but they will also get to name an animal charity near and dear to their hear that they would like a donation sent to.

The winner will receive $112 Cash Prize for themselves via Paypal and $213 sent directly to their charity of choice!

All you need to do is use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter for your chance to win!
Don’t know what organization you would donate the money to? I noticed a few of you said you wanted to donate to human charity organizations that is not the aim of this event but there is certainly room for an event of that type at some later point. There are countless organizations out there that offer aid to animals that then benefits the people around them. The donations can be made to guide dog organizations, or the Puppy Rescue Mission that helps our troops bring the dogs back that they saved and formed bonds with in Afghanistan.
I thought I would introduce you to an organization called World Vets. This is an organization that the entire Pet Blogging Community has worked with in the past and helped raise money for. Some of us have even gotten to meet the founder of the organization while attending BlogPaws. The focus of World Vets is to provide international veterinary assistance to impoverished nations outside of North America as well as offer assistance to countries that have experienced major natural disasters. World Vets was one of the first organizations on the ground after the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan in March. Not only were they caring for the animals and bringing much needed supplies to the region they brought the shocked country hope with each animal they were able to help. 

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  1. SPCA of Central Florida

  2. Brennan Humane Society - Gloversville, NY
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. I'd like to find a smaller local animal rescue to donate to, or a pitbull specific rescue.

  4. Holly Hennessy SwintDecember 27, 2011 at 5:29 PM

    SPCA of Central FL Holly Hennessy Swint astroqueen67@hotmail.com

  5. I would like to see it donated to an individual who has started a home for homeless dogs close to my home.

    tammyt1963 at centurylink dot net

  6. I would like to donate to a local cat shelter called "Carol's Ferals.


  7. There are so many places I could donate to, I was thinking of the Animal Defense League of San Antonio. Though it may change as I'm looking at all charities being offered here.

  8. I would love the money to go the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, IL. LOVE that place!