Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Started With Coupons Lesson 1- Get Coupons

If you are interested in saving money then keep reading.  I am going to outline some steps to help you get started with coupons.  This first lesson is all about how and where to get coupons.

The first thing you need to do in order to save money with coupons is get coupons.  There are many ways to get coupons. Here is a list of some common ways you can get coupons:
  • Get your local newspaper on Sundays (no coupons on holiday weekends)
  • Print coupons from your computer
  • Find coupons on product packages
  • Find coupons at the store
  • All You Magazine (can purchase at Walmart or subscribe online)
  • Contact companies and and ask for coupons
  • Sign for Electronic Coupon websites

Here is more detailed information about these options:

The Sunday newspaper 
In my experience this is the best place to get coupons because most weekends there will be anywhere from 1 to 4 coupon inserts.  In my area the newspaper costs $1.50 if you pick it up at the store. You can also get some newspapers delivered to your home at a discounted rate by visiting this website Discounted Newspapers.  I just paid $62.10 for a year subscription to the Orange County Register.  Last year I saved around $6,000 with coupons so paying $62.10 for a newspaper subscription is worth it.  So far this year I have saved $2,729. If you don't want to get a subscription ask around maybe your friends, neighbors or family get the Sunday paper but don't use the coupons.  I have found coupons at the car wash and even Starbucks.

      Main Insert Brands in the Sunday Paper
  • Red Plum (RP for short)
  • Smart Source (SS for short)
  • General Mills (GM for short)
  • Proctor & Gamble (PG for short)
Printing from your computer
There are many sources for printing coupons from your computer.
  • You can visit my coupon page to print coupons.
  • You can also visit my coupon sources page this page has links to Red Plum , Catalina Network, Kellogg's coupons and electronic coupons (more on this later).
  • Facebook pages for products (usually only available for a limited time)
  • Company Websites (usually only available for a limited time)
  • Target Website has coupons as well go to this page Target Coupons
  • If you are looking for organic product coupons you can visit Mambo Sprouts and sign up for their newsletter.
Find coupons on product packages
Sometimes you can find coupons on the inside of packages or even on the outside of packages (these are often called peelies).

Find coupons at the store
Coupons can be found in dispensers attached to the shelf. Sometimes people leave coupons on the shelf if they decide not to use them.

All You Magazine (can purchase at Walmart or subscribe online)
You can subscribe online by going here All You Magazine.

Contact companies and and ask for coupons
If you really love a product contact the company and let them know.  Sometimes they will send you coupons for your comments or even if you have had a problem with a company they will send you coupons for your troubles.

Sign for Electronic Coupon websites 
If you visit my Coupon Sources Page you can sign up for Savings Star and Cellfire.  These sites allow you to add coupons to your shopper loyalty card.  They work with a variety of store loyalty cards like CVS (my favorite store).  Saving Star Coupons can also be used with paper coupons on the same item so they can really help you save.  In my experience Cellfire coupons can not be used with paper coupons but this policy may vary by store.  You can also visit Shortcuts this is another website that offers electronic coupons that can be loaded to your shopper loyalty card.  If you are not interested in clipping coupons these sites were made just for you.

If you are looking for a particular coupon you can visit my Coupon Database page and search for the coupon you are looking for.

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