Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boycott of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Okay yesterday I was appalled  when I read this story on MSN about the Boycott of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo.  How can they get away with leaving these chemicals in baby products?  I have been using the J&J Baby Shampoo and Aveno Baby Wash since my son was born and he will be two in a few days.  It is amazing to me that J&J makes these products in formulations that do not contain trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing substances; however, not in the US.  Really the harmful substances have been taken out in other countries why not in the US.

I stopped using these products last night and I will not use them any longer I am going to see if I can buy some natural or organic products with my Eversave voucher for Abe's Market.

I wanted to share this with everyone in case you may be using the affected products.  Please check out the article if you.  I think it is better to be safe and not use the affected products why take the chance.

Thanks for reading

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  1. WOW did not know this! coming from midweek hopalong Fabulous Finds (catching up) come by~

  2. Did not know this. But great information to know with a new baby on the way. Thank you for the follow I am now following you.