Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charity Giveaway Help Vulnerable Babies

Please check out this charity giveaway that has well over $3000 prizes that you could win!  All you have to is make a donation to Embrace Infant Warmers and you are entered to win!
(Donation minimum is $10 – see the giveaway page for more details)

This is a charity giveaway for Embrace Infant Warmers:
Embrace is a social enterprise that aims to help millions of vulnerable babies through a low cost infant warmer.  Unlike traditional incubators that cost up to $20,000, the Embrace Infant Warmer costs 1% of this price.  The device can work with or without electricity, is portable,  safe and intuitive to use. 

Enter/Donate today at Family and Life in Las Vegas.

Good luck,

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