Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Credit Score

I just discovered a great website that allows you to get a free credit score.  It is the beginning of the year and you may be wondering where you stand with your credit scores and how your overall credit looks.  Maybe you are thinking about refinancing your home, purchasing a new car or taking out another type of loan.  It is always a good idea to know where you stand before embarking on one of these big financial tasks. Higher credit scores mean better interest rates for loans and credit cards.  

I’m sure many of you have been through the process of buying a car and you know that the dealerships benefit when a higher interest rate is charged.  If you were able to go into the process of buying a car prepared with the knowledge of what is in your credit report and what your scores are you would be better off.

Another thing to consider is many prospective employers check an applicant’s credit.  My husband recently started a new job and I did not know that they actually check your credit when you apply for a new job.  I have been at my job so long that I did not know they did this.  If you are considering applying for a new job or looking for work again after being unemployed then it would be a great idea to look at your credit report and see where you stand.  Knowing what is in your credit report can prevent any surprises.

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