Thursday, January 5, 2012

My dad is with it

Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

You would be surprised by the things my Dad knows most likely. Whenever my friends come over, they just see him using our diect tv des moines and watching sports or other random shows. In a way, it makes him seem a little dull at first, but he is one of the liveliest people I know. As soon as he realizes we have guests, he tunes out the TV and turns into the entertainer he is. He will rattle off different facts and quotes from famous writers. He is even really up to date with the news and will ask us about stories that none of us have even heard. It is funny sometimes because I begin to think he is more with it than I am. My friends are always impressed when they realize how much he has to say. He is one of those people that most people have a hard time not liking. He makes some ridiculous jokes and then will laugh at himself. He asks thoughtful questions and is usually really good about listening. The part that sort of impresses me sometimes is that he can do all of that and still be paying attention to what is going happening on the TV.

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